Miltex – Padgett Plastic Surgery Instruments

One of the most extensive and comprehensive offerings including hundreds of new Premium Instruments for all Plastic, Reconstructive, General and Specialty Surgery applications.  Scissors include new SC, TC, SC+TC combo patterns with a range of blade designs including saber-back, semi-sharp outer edges and flattened blunt tips for controlled undermining and tissue dissection.  Our expanded Tungsten Carbide instruments include Needle Holders, Rasps, Forceps, and Specialty instruments such as Morselizers, Wire Cutters, etc.

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Our instrument selection recognizes and meets a variety of clinical needs for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery involving Breast, Face, Eye, Abdominal, Nasal, Maxillofacial, Cleft Palate, Hand and many other procedures.  In addition, these products are extensively used in Dermatology, Oral & Maxillofacial, ENT, Ophthalmology and General Surgery applications.


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