Miltex – Orthodontic Instruments

Miltex® Orthodontic instruments are crafted from the finest quality Germangrade
stainless steel. Our product offering includes but is not limited to the
following products:

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• Banding Instruments – include band seating pliers, band contouring
pliers, band removing pliers and a band pusher
• Ortho Cutters – include distal end cutters, hard wire cutters, wire cutters,
pin and ligature cutters
• Debonding Instruments – include bracket removers and adhesive
removing pliers
• Utility Pliers – include How pliers, Weingart pliers, crown crimping pliers
and a variety of additional utility pliers
• Wire Forming Pliers – include wire bending pliers, loop forming pliers,
arch forming pliers and a variety of additional wire forming pliers
• Wire Instruments and Wire – include wire twisting instruments and
Babcock suture wire
• Gauges and Dividers – include boley gauges, crown gauges and spring
bow dividers


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