Integra – Led Light

Miltex® optics are quickly and easily locked into your personal setting utilizing a unique locking knob. Our optics permit you to set your interpupillary distance, convergence and declination angle for perfect alignment. You get a custom fit even without individual measurement!




Kit contents:

  • 1. Magnification Loupes and Frame
  • 2. Storage Case
  • 3. Flip Paddle
  • 4. Lens Covers
  • 5. Cleaning Solution
  • 6. Screwdriver
  • 7. Cleaning Cloth
  • 8. Head Strap

Accessory items:

  • Loupes Rx (Prescription) Insert
  • Replacement Loupes Red Frame
  • Replacement Loupes Black Frame
  • Loupes Flip Paddle


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