With over 45 years of experience, Arion has been a pioneer in the breast implant industry.

In 1965 DOCTOR H.G. Arion, plastic surgeon and physician, invented the first inflatable prosthesis in the world. Since then, millions of women took advantage from this innovation. To this inventive genius and passionate, it was necessary to add rigor, method, creativity and perfection. It is the sum of these values that is met in every single implant today and that makes Laboratoires Arion a reference of high level to the professionals of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

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Today, Arion still has a number of innovations in the pipeline and is developing top-of-the-range breast implants for optimum safety and impeccable cosmetic outcomes.

Therefore, if Arion is a world leader in breast implants, it is by virtue of our expertise and skills.

With an experience curve of more than 40 years validated by several scientific publications, Laboratoires Arion now offer a range of top quality implants designed according to the best available techniques with regard to safety of the patients.

The ranges Monobloc CMC Hydrogel and the ranges Monobloc Silicone from the Laboratoires Arion have obtained the CE marking issued by the independent inspection body LNE GMED and are authorised by the AFSSAPS.
With the range Monobloc Hydrogel CMC, Laboratoires Arion are currently the only* company offering a biocompatible alternative to silicone gel implants.
*Excluding saline


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