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  • Crespine Gel (+)

    Name: CRESPINE® GEL+.
    Ingredients: Sodium hyaluronate, crosslinked 14.0 mg; non-cross-linked 1.0 mg; Prilocaine Hcl 3.0 mg.
    Volume and packaging: One pre-filled 2.0 ml syringe.
    Manufacturer: BioPolymer.
    Origin: Germany.
    Also Included: packaging insert.
    Storage: Store between 2° C and 25° C. Keep away from freezing temperatures and extreme heat.
    Remarks: Sterile packaging.
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    Dysport® is indicated for:

    • focal spasticity, including the treatment of:
      • arm symptoms associated with focal spasticity in conjunction with physiotherapy;
      • and dynamic equinus foot deformity due to spasticity in ambulant paediatric cerebral palsy patients, two years of age or older, only in hospital specialist centres with appropriately trained personnel.
    • spasmodic torticollis in adults.
    • blepharospasm in adults.
    • hemifacial spasm in adults.
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