iThermonitor is a smart wireless thermometer developed especially for children, providing peace of mind and remote monitoring.

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    Continuity – The iThermonitor captures body temperature every 4 seconds and records the progress of the fever resulting in early detection of temperature increases which means you can medicate before fevers become dangerous. No need to wake up several times at night to check your child’s temperature.

    Wireless – The iThermonitor delivers real time temperature measurements to smart devices via Bluetooth. When connected to the internet the receiver automatically uploads temperature data to cloud storage.

    Alerts – You can set alerts for when your child’s temperature rises above or drops below certain thresholds allowing for immediate action and better control over your child’s health.

    Remote monitoring – You can continuously monitor your child’s temperature on a second phone or tablet while you are at work and your child is at home for example.

    Medicine reminder – Set timed reminders for when medicine must be taken. You can also set up notifications if you are not with your child.

    Cloud service – All records are stored in the cloud for an easily accessed medical history.

    Non-invasive – An adhesive patch attaches the small wireless devise under your child’s arm just below the armpit. They forget that it’s even there. No need to wake your child up by putting a thermometer in their mouth or ear for example.

    This is the first wearable wireless thermometer of its kind in South Africa, it is accurate to within 0.05 °C and it carries FDA and European CE approval.

    Link: Ithermonitor

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