Acuderm Cautery


Since February 1983, Acuderm has built its reputation as an innovator and supplier of high quality specialty medical products, disposable instruments and dermatology supplies. ..

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  • Acuderm Cautery

    * High temp, reusable cautery (<2200 Degree F) with one replaceable tip. Includes two replaceable Alkaline batteries. NON-STERILE

    * (1300 Degree F) Disposable cautery with fine tip. Short handle allows for more precise use especially arround the eyes. Finger tip control. Safety cap. STERILE

    * (850 Degree F) Disposable cautery with fine tip. Small diameter and short handle allow for optimum control and precision. Finger tip control. Safety cap. STERILE

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  • Acuderm Curette

    Carefully weighted and ergonomically designed to fit the physician’s hand. No other curette has this patented design. Individually wrapped in a peel-apart sterile pack.


    Patented Fit And Feel
    Sterile and Ready To Use
    Made in the U.S.A.

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  • Acuderm Punch

    Individual Punch – 1.5 mm
    Individual Punch – 10 mm
    Individual Punch – 12 mm
    Individual Punch – 2 mm
    Individual Punch – 2.5 mm
    Individual Punch – 3 mm
    Individual Punch – 4 mm
    Individual Punch – 4.5 mm
    Individual Punch – 5 mm
    Individual Punch – 6 mm
    Individual Punch – 7 mm
    Individual Punch – 8 mm

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