CRESPINE®GEL Plus is a resorbable, intraarticular implant of high purity. It is a medical device, produced of non-animal-based hyaluronic acid.

CRESPINE®GEL Plus is a sterile, viscoelastic, and biocompatible gel implant, stabilized Hyaluronic Acid with added Prilocaine.

7 Facts about Crespine Gel

  • The essential active ingredient in Crespine Gel is highly pure stabilized hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component in the natural healthy joint-lubricating fluid. This protects the joint and the cartilage by its property of being able to bind water and spread itself over the cartilage as a lubricant protectively. This lubricating effect is lost in the presence of osteoarthritis as well as in inflammatory conditions in the joint tissue as a result of a lack of natural hyaluronic acid. The application of Crespine Gel is thus meaningful in the majority of cases.
  • Crespine Gel possesses a very high degree of purity due to its special manufacturing process as well as a very high degree of stability. Crespine Gel is injected as a gel implant. It can be applied very easily under pressure through a needle and once inserted into the joint Crespine Gel readopts its original gel consistency.
  • Crespine Gel can help in retaining the original natural joint over long periods of time in many cases.
  • The hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel is from the bio-fermentation origin and is therefore very well tolerable.
  • The cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel produces a viscous gel and this stays in the joint tissue for a longer period of time. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid is very well tolerated when the joint tissue at the moment of the treatment is free from any inflammation and the patient enjoys a good physical condition.
  • The natural ‘shock-absorbing’ effect of the joint tissue fluids is best promoted by the Crespine Gel implant.
  • Crespine Gel is a high-quality product, which is entirely produced in Germany (of ‘Made in Germany’ Quality).


  • Gonarthrosis / Osteoarthrosis of the knee joint
  • Osteoarthrosis of the hip joint.


CRESPINE®GEL is injected intra-articular as an addition to the changed synovial fluid for reduction of pain and an improvement of the joint function.

Joint pain relief with the gel implant Crespine Gel

In cases of osteoarthritis, the goal is to reduce the pain in the first instance, and in the second stage to undertake further countermeasures to maintain joint function. Using Crespine Gel is therefore the first step to maintain the natural function of the joints as long as possible.

Osteoarthritis therapy with Crespine Gel

The aims of a therapy with Crespine Gel are:

  • To maintain the healthy condition of the joint cartilage tissue as long as possible
  • Time-saving effect for the patient with only one appointment for the treatment
  • A single injection intervention enhances security for the patient
  • The regenerating of pain-relieved joint tissue functioning

Application of Crespine Gel

Crespine Gel is injected by an experienced medical practitioner directly into the joint-line interstices.

Thus the stabilized hyaluronic acid arrives directly in the joint line where the pain has its origin. The gel covers the cartilage protectively in order to prevent further degeneration by abrasion. Movement will be a pleasure again thanks to the quiescence in the joint tissue.

Look out for an experienced medical practitioner in your area.

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