The Innovation of ERKA

At ERKA., Their mission is to provide physicians with the most accurate and efficient devices that they need to carry out their professional duties. To this end, in their development process they place special emphasis on ease of use, durability and functionality. For them, innovation does not mean technological confusion, but rather a mechanical tour de force. This is one reason why each product with the ERKA. logo also carries the MADE IN GERMANY seal of quality.

Origin is future

Origin is future

ERKA revolutionized blood pressure measurement in 1927, now you can co-write a piece of history with us.

ERKA was founded in

1889  by Richard Kallmeyer in Berlin

1914  the first landmark resulted with the development of the worldwide first industrially made blood pressure measuring instrument in the company history.

1927  became of the “Erkameter” the global perfect example for blood pressure measurement.

Today,  ERKA distributes its products in more than 100 countries all over the world. It is produced, however, today – like on the first day – only in one country. In GERMANY.
Performance - driven by passion

Performance – driven by passion

The particular quality of every ERKA product has its origin in the way as our employees identify with all their experience and passion with their job, their principals and their individual demands.  Besides, the long enterprise affiliation with low fluctuation plays also a role like the high professionalism and service readiness of every single one.


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