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  • Rejuv L-Glutamine

    Amino acid powder

    Rejuv L-Glutamine

    – Pure L-Glutamine Amino Acid Powder
    – Fermented From Glucose
    – Maintenance tissue integrity of the digestive system
    – Maintenance of proper function of the immune system
    – Maintenance of proper brain function
    – muscles and bone growth, repair, and maintenance.
    – Maintenance Joint Condition or Arthritis
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Liver Support

    With artichoke, choline, biotin, turmeric garlic & other synergistic ingredients for a healthy liver

    Rejuv Liver Support

    – Herbal and Vitamin Combination
    – Supports Normal Liver Function
    – Supports Lipid Metabolism
    – Supports Homocysteine Metabolism
    – Supports Normal Energy-Yielding
    – Supports Macronutrient Metabolism
    – Supports the Maintenance of Mucous Membranes
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Magnesium Oxy Cleanse

    With 4 forms of magnesium, beet fibre, FOS, bioflavonoids & apple cider vinegar

    Rejuv Magnesium Oxy Cleanse

    – Bowel Health Formula
    – Magnesium Based Bowel Blend
    – with 4 Types of Magnesium and FOS Fibers
    – Contributes to an Increase in Faecal Bulk
    – Support of Electrolyte Balance
    – Support of Energy Levels
    – Support of Immunity
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Max Vits Superfoods

    A real food form blend of organic superfoods and herbs, including pre-sprouted barley, alfalfa, barley grass, wheatgrass, chlorella & more

    Rejuv Max Vits Superfoods

    – Soil Association Certified Organic Whole Food Supplement
    – Fruit, Vegetable and Herbal Combination
    – 14 Organic Superfoods in a Single Multi-Nutrient Capsule.
    – Phytochemicals and Enzymes
    – Dietary Fibre and Beneficial Oils
    – Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals
    – Supports Natural Detoxification and Energy Production
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Natural Lax

    Healthy bowels blend with sugar beet fibre, glucomannan, rhubarb, nettle & other synergistic herbs

    Rejuv Natural Lax

    – Bowel Health Formula
    – Herbal Colon Blend
    – Dietary Fibre with Glucomannan and Sugar Beet Fibre
    – Chronically and Severe Constipation
    – Internal Cleansing
    – Lower Bowel Function
    – Increase in Faecal Bulk
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Organic Turmeric Blend

    Organic turmeric powder with curcumin, black pepper, ginger & other synergistic ingredients

    Rejuv Organic Turmeric Blend

    – Organic Turmeric Powder Plus Extract (95% Curcumin)
    – Ginger, Cayenne and Piperine Root Extracts
    – Zinc Citrate and Vitamin B6
    – Lowers Level of Inflammation & Supports Hormonal Activity
    – Supports Hair, Skin, Nail, Joint and Bone Health
    – Supports Immunity, Energy levels, and Cognitive Function
    – Supports Acid-Base and Macronutrient Metabolism
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Para Cleanse

    Promotes cleansing & general detoxification

    Rejuv Para Cleanse

    – Herbal Gastrointestinal care formula
    – Broad Spectrum GI Cleanse & Detoxification Formula
    – supports a Balanced Lower Digestive Tract
    – Cleanses Parasites, Flukes & Worms
    – Beneficial for IBS, Constipation, Diarrhea & Bloating
    – Beneficial for Fungal Infections, Mouth Sores & Herpes
    – Beneficial for Skin Conditions Such as Acne & Eczema
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Prebiotic Immune Complex

    A healthy bowels formula with multi-fibres sourced from psyllium husk, beet fibre & more

    Rejuv Prebiotic Immune Complex

    – A Multi-Fibre Formula
    – 513 mg dietary Fibre per Capsule
    – High Fibre Food and Herbal Ingredients
    – With Psyllium Husk and Sugar Beet
    – A Combination of Soluble and Insoluble Fibre
    – Contributes to an Increase In Faecal Bulk
    – Should be Taken with a Minimum of 250 ml of Water
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Probiotic Max

    Friendly bacteria for digestive support. An 8 strain live bacteria blend

    Rejuv Probiotic Max

    – Live Culture Combination
    – Multi-Strain (8 Different Live Bacteria Biotics)
    – 20 Billion Live Bacteria Per Capsule
    – Human Compatible Bacteria Strains
    – Bile and Acid Tolerant with High Adherence Ability
    – Full-Spectrum Support of the Upper and Lower Bowel
    – No Added Sugars, Artificial Flavourings or colourings
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Sea & Soil Super Greens

    An organic food-approved seaweed blend with selected nutritious synergistic herbals

    Rejuv Sea & Soil Super Greens

    – Seaweed, Vegetable and Herbal Combination, Rich in Iodine
    – Powerful all-in-one Alkalising, Cleansing & Detoxification
    – Supports Thyroid Function and Hormonal Balance
    – Supports Nervous and Immune System
    – Supports Digestive Health, Elimination and Metabolism
    – Supports Cognitive Function, Energy Levels and Skin
    – Supports the Normal Growth of Children
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Super Greens Complex

    An organic foods blend of 35 ingredients including green foods, fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, seeds plus bio-active enzymes

    Rejuv Super Greens Complex

    – 35 Organic food-Based Ingredients
    – 11 Green Foods, 8 Fruits and Berries and 7 Vegetables
    – 2 Herbs and Seeds, 3 Sprouts and 4 Mushrooms
    – PLUS 7 Bioactive Enzymes and Naturally-Occurring Vit C
    – With Activated Pre-Sprouted Barley and Wheatgrass
    – High in Dietary-Fibre for Bowel Health and Faecal Bulk
    – Supports Immunity
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Thermo Metabolic Support

    Weight loss formula with African mango, capsicum, Siberian ginseng, green tea & other herbs

    Rejuv Thermo Metabolic Support

    – Supports Weight Loss and Fat Burning
    – Supports Metabolism and Satiety
    – Supports Immune System and Energy Levels
    – Supports Blood Glucose Levels and Hormonal Balance
    – An “In Shape” Food Supplement
    – 11 Herbal Ingredients with Glucomannan Fibre
    – Plus Vitamins and Minerals
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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  • Rejuv Water Flo

    Hormonal, electrolyte & fluid maintenance blend with herbals, vitamins & minerals

    Rejuv Water Flo

    – Herbal, Vitamin and Mineral Blend
    – Supports Healthy Fluid Levels in the Body
    – Supports Water Balance
    – Supports Electrolyte Balance
    – Supports Hormonal Balance
    – Supports Immune System
    – Supports Energy Levels
    – Suitable for Vegetarians and vegans

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    Dysport® is indicated for:

    • focal spasticity, including the treatment of:
      • arm symptoms associated with focal spasticity in conjunction with physiotherapy;
      • and dynamic equinus foot deformity due to spasticity in ambulant paediatric cerebral palsy patients, two years of age or older, only in hospital specialist centres with appropriately trained personnel.
    • spasmodic torticollis in adults.
    • blepharospasm in adults.
    • hemifacial spasm in adults.
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    T.R.U.E. TEST® is a convenient, ready-to-use patch test for the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis. Patch testing is a simple procedure to help diagnose allergic contact dermatitis and identify the causative agent(s).

    Our New & Improved Tape consists of a pliable polyester tape for improved adhesion and offers greater flexibility for patient comfort.


    T.R.U.E. TEST is an epicutaneous patch test indicated for use as an aid in the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis in persons 18 years of age and older whose history suggests sensitivity to one or more of the 36 substances included on the T.R.U.E. TEST panels.

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  • Erka Stethoscope 544

    A stethoscope with a flat chest piece is particularly suitable for measuring blood pressure. The chest piece fits comfortably under the pressure cuff. with Y stethoscope of 56 cm length.

    The Erka Stethoscope 544 is specially tailored to the needs of nurses and caregivers. The stethoscope is ideally suited for routine examinations and blood pressure measurement. The specially shaped chest-piece allows auscultation even in hard-to-reach places.


    Paramedics, assistant physicians, anesthetist nurses/caregivers, nurses/caregivers, nursing students

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