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    Dysport® is indicated for:

    • focal spasticity, including the treatment of:
      • arm symptoms associated with focal spasticity in conjunction with physiotherapy;
      • and dynamic equinus foot deformity due to spasticity in ambulant paediatric cerebral palsy patients, two years of age or older, only in hospital specialist centres with appropriately trained personnel.
    • spasmodic torticollis in adults.
    • blepharospasm in adults.
    • hemifacial spasm in adults.
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    Consist of Triptorelin, a decapeptide (pGlu-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Trp-Leu-Arg-Pro-Gly-NH2), is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH agonist) used as the acetate or pamoate salts. By causing constant stimulation of the pituitary, it decreases pituitary secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Like other GnRH agonists, triptorelin may be used in the treatment of hormone-responsive cancers such as prostate cancer or breast cancer, precocious puberty, estrogen-dependent conditions (such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids), and in assisted reproduction. It is also used as therapy in cases of gender dysphoria. Triptorelin is marketed under the brand names Decapeptyl (Ipsen)

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    Integra LifeSciences, a world leader in medical devices, is dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopedics, neurosurgery, and reconstructive and general surgery.

    Integra’s orthopedic products include devices and implants for foot and ankle, hand and wrist, tendon and peripheral nerve protection and repair, and wound repair. Integra is a leader in neurosurgery, offering a broad portfolio of implants, devices, instruments and systems used in neurosurgery, neuromonitoring, neurotrauma, and related critical care. In the United States, Integra is a leading provider of surgical instruments to hospitals, surgery centers and alternate care sites, including physician and dental offices.


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  • PUR

    • Start Date
      Founded in 1985
    • Short Description
      Púr is a high end baby product brand currently distributed in more than 35 countries.
    • Long Description
      Púr is a brand of Royal Industries (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd., created in the year 1969. In 1985, in collaboration with Baye See More
    • Awards
      PTPA (, Thailand Prime Ministers export award, Thailand brand. ISO 9002 certified.
    • Products
      Baby feeding bottles, silicone nipples, pacifiers, training cups, bowls, plates, spoon & fork, mother care items like breast pad, breast shield, breast feeding items and other juvenile accessories.
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    With over 45 years of experience, Arion has been a pioneer in the breast implant industry.

    In 1965 DOCTOR H.G. Arion, plastic surgeon and physician, invented the first inflatable prosthesis in the world. Since then, millions of women took advantage from this innovation. To this inventive genius and passionate, it was necessary to add rigor, method, creativity and perfection. It is the sum of these values that is met in every single implant today and that makes Laboratoires Arion a reference of high level to the professionals of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

    Link: Arion

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    Texas Instruments chip embedded in a global leader in precision measurement of basal body temperature , safe and sustainable zero radiation , no data transmission during wearing , 6.5 mm slim design , fit the female armpit curve

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    T.R.U.E. TEST® is a convenient, ready-to-use patch test for the diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis. Patch testing is a simple procedure to help diagnose allergic contact dermatitis and identify the causative agent(s).

    Our New & Improved Tape consists of a pliable polyester tape for improved adhesion and offers greater flexibility for patient comfort.



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  • ERKA

    Origin is future

    ERKA revolutionized blood pressure measurement in 1927, now you can co-write a piece of history with us.

    ERKA was founded in

    1889  by Richard Kallmeyer in Berlin

    1914  the first landmark resulted with the development of the worldwide first industrially made blood pressure measuring instrument in the company history.

    1927  became of the “Erkameter” the global perfect example for blood pressure measurement.

    Today,  ERKA distributes its products in more than 100 countries all over the world. It is produced, however, today – like on the first day – only in one country. In GERMANY.

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