AWARE® Breast Self Exam Early detection is your best protection The Aware® Pad is an aid […]
Hyacorp endo gel Hyacorp endo gel is a bio-degradable, prefilled cross-linked, sterile, transparent, highly viscous gel […]
CRESPINE®GEL Plus is a resorbable, intraarticular implant of high purity. It is a medical device, […]
Dysport is a strain of botulinum Toxin of Type A from Europe. Kinetic patients are considered […]
Where you can find our products mostly to a Group of Pharmacies, Private Pharmacies,  Hospitals, […]
At ERKA., Their mission is to provide physicians with the most accurate and efficient devices that they need […]
About Medical Scientific Co. LLC.

Deals with the MOH ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. This enables the MSC to quickly bring out Pharmaceutical products into the UAE Healthcare market.