AWARE® Breast Self Exam

Early detection is your best protection

  • The Aware® Pad is an aid for breast self-exam
  • A revolutionary way for you to enhance your tactile sensitivity to feel changes in breast tissue
  • FDA cleared


Regular self-exams help you to develop an awareness of your breasts and to
become familiar with how your breasts normally look and feel. The Aware® Pad can
help you to recognize breast changes accurately and quickly. Make it routine.



EZ Detect™ – The Only At-Home Test With NO Stool Handling

EZ Detect™ is an FDA Cleared Colon Disease Test for the early warning signs of Colorectal Disease. Its advantages as a screening test include:

  • No stool handling
  • No diet restrictions
  • Easy & fast: Simply throw a test pad into the toilet after a bowel movement and wait two minutes for the pad to change color, then flush the pad.² It’s that easy!
  • Results within 2 minutes.



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