About MSC


Medical Scientific Company in Dubai was founded by Dr. Samir Horani in the year 1986 under the name of "Medical Scientific Establishment", the company build depending only on his hard work and previous experience in the field, and given the limited resources he had at that moment, he was nevertheless able to build a fast-growing profitable business, which after 35 years of operation is still considered one of the most successful in the marketing and distribution of medical supplies sector in Dubai and the UAE as a whole. MSC is one of the oldest marketing & distribution companies in the U.A.E, Our portfolio consists of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical supplies, health & beauty care, and baby care products which we provide to pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, wholesalers, co-operatives, supermarkets, and retail outlets throughout the U.A.E.

About MSC Philosophy

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product handling throughout importing , warehousing ,and the most efficient delivery and distribution to our products. Creating and cultivating a long-term relationships to make positive difference every day by focusing on working together in partnership with the progressive minded doctors, trusted customers, dependable employees, shareholders, business partners and the communities in which we work and operate. Most of all is to maintain professional relationships with our dedicated employee by encouraging ongoing communication to achieve the highest standard of performance.

Our Vision:

To offer our valued clients the best-in-class Products, made of high-grade materials. Committed to maintain the highest ethical and quality standards without compromise. To offer all the products / latest molecules in different packing and other specifications to meet diversified demands of the clients. Our company is providing both our Clients and Suppliers with the most updated market information in order to take action based on specific market needs. To focus on developing a long-term relationship with our business partners, as we believe success is obtained through constant efforts and cooperative actions.

Our Goals & Objectives:

• To keep the commitment to the highest ethical standards.
• Products and services are of the highest quality.
• Allow our business practices and processes are designed to achieve the best quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, physicians, customers, business partners and regulators
• To have an effective marketing and promotion.
• To maintains our delivery and distribution as most efficient and flexible on time.
• To provide good customer service with professionalism.
• To meet the highest standard and 100% gratification of the customers

About Registration

MOH / DHA Registered

Medical Scientific Co, follows strictly the rules and regulations of Ministry of Health, Department of Health, and other Government Bodies, in relevant to its operations in order to have a legalization, transparency and maintained a good reputations of the company.