As a specialized pharmaceutical company, MSC continues to make utmost efforts to contribute treatment in United Arab Emirates, Gulf & Middle East Region.


We develop high quality products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on our expertise in vitamins, minerals & herbs.


We represent the most PRESTIGIOUS and PREMIUM BRANDS in cosmetic industry by combining advanced science with powerful botanical ingredients 


As the vital link, we manage a complex supply chain, harneses innovative technologies to ensure safe, secure and efficient delivery, every time.

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To serve a great service, and provide a high-quality products to ensure the satisfactions of the consumer, the products which are regulated by the health authority and other government institution in United Arab of Emirates. 

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A better way for the improvement of the great services provided and inspire the MSC team members to do their best performance at the highest level.

“Indeed all the items distributed by Medical Scientific Company are all Genuine and High quality products that will give everyone satisfaction.”


They give the information what we needed. I like the approach of the sales person whenever he visited my store. They provide good rapport and summaries with lots of detail on their products from the first time I met him.

Dr. Sadeq

Medical Scientific Co. is a reliable company and capable of providing not only excellent products but a great SOLUTIONS and OFFER to give according to the people needs. They are all very friendly, supportive, charming to talk to and cheerful to provide information.

Supply chain management

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Our awesome team

A Medical Scientific Co. (L.L.C.) awesome team member who inspire other members to do their best performance in an enjoyable and smooth but in a productive way.

Dr. Samir Horani

Co-founder & Managing Director

The Head, a brain teaser and modest person behind the success of Medical Scientific Co. (L.L.C.)

Mohammed Hourani

Deputy Managing Director

The Charming, Hard-working DMD and a person responsible for the daily operations of Medical Scientific Co. (L.L.C.), provide the support and treated the staff as a family member of MSC to ensure the vision, mission, and business objectives are achieved. 

Mahmoud Moussa

Financial Manager

The Visionary, the one who oversee the financial health of Medical Scientific Co. (L.L.C.)

Dr. Muhammed Aqilah

Pharmacovigilance & Q.A

A Quality Assurance and a man of science who expert of the early detection, prevention of adverse effects, and monitoring the safety of pharmaceutical products.


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